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The 10 Best Dentists in Nashville

Taking care of your personal health is important and dental health is part of that. Luckily there are trustworthy and dedicated dentists in Music City ready to help you achieve your best smile ever. 

The Best Dentists in Nashville

Asma Malik 

Working in a space that’s been providing superb dental care for over 4 decades, this local Nashville dentist is known for excellence.

Dr. Asma Malik works for Brentwood Dental Excellence along with two associates who pride themselves on providing the highest quality of dental work and procedures.

Here Dr. Malik and her staff focus on continued education to ensure that the most innovative practices, technology, and knowledge are being utilized at her practice.

You’ll love visiting the dentist after just one appointment at Brentwood Dental Excellence. 

  • Location: 6 Cadillac Dr. Ste 130, Brentwood, TN 37027 

Brittany Adamiak 

Opening her own practice in 2018 called Green Hills Pediatric Dentistry, which focuses on creating a welcoming environment for children to enjoy the world of dental care.

Dr. Brittany Adamiak curates a space that looks and feels like home to make the idea of going to the dentist a little less scary to children and young adults.

She has a warm and cheerful personality that instantly puts kids at ease and is passionate about educating so children can remain cavity-free for life.

Board-certified and knowledgeable with advanced training in dental trauma, complex conditions, and more, Dr. Brittany Adamiak is a great choice for your child’s dental care. 

  • Location: 3990 Hillsboro Pk Ste 360, Nashville, TN 37215 

Cristin Lewis 

This Nashville native is passionate about two things; the place she grew up in and providing dental care.

Dr. Cristin Lewis developed a love of dentistry at an early age and continues to provide excellent dental services with an emphasis on cosmetic care.

Working out of Bite Dentistry, she’s dedicated to continued education to ensure she’s using the most recent knowledge, technology, and practices during each visit.

Along with a focus on cosmetic changes, they also focus on providing solutions for sleep apnea and airway treatments for a more overall healthy life.

Dr. Cristin Lewis is a dedicated dentist in the Nashville area. 

  • Location: 3212 West End Ave Ste 301, Nashville, TN 

Daron Clark 

Here you’ll find a general practice dentist in downtown Nashville with a special interest in TNJD, sleep medicine, and aesthetics.

Dr. Daron Clark believes in continued education to help provide the best care and excels at providing his patients with the best therapies and solutions to reduce pain and disease and improve the overall quality of health.

He focuses on a more holistic view of dental care and works on breaking down barriers between specialties in medicine to provide only the best treatments.

He takes a more total-body approach to mouth health, which allows him to effectively diagnose, treat, and care for numerous mouth ailments.

Dr. Daron Clark provides a new perspective on the world of dental care. 

  • Location: 101 Union St, Nashville, TN 

Heath Balch 

Working out of a healthcare facility named ClearChoice Nashville, you’ll find this talented dentist.

Dr. Heath Balch is a prosthodontist who works to provide the best in class care and a more comprehensive treatment plan for those suffering from advanced oral diseases.

Here he helps to provide dental implant solutions and other techniques that will improve the lives of patients who are otherwise dealing with mouth pain or other issues.

Restored dental health and an overall improvement in total health are the goals Dr. Heath Balch has with each and every patient. 

  • Location: 181 West End Ave Ste 1100, Nashville, TN 

Mark Adamiak 

Married to another dentist that made our list, you’ll find their practices are right next door to one another.

Dr. Mark Adamiak is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon providing curated care to patients in the Nashville area.

While his wife focuses on pediatric dentistry, he’s more focused on solving issues that require a bit more intensive procedure and technique.

He works to treat facial trauma while working to provide the highest quality of care to each and every patient he comes across.

His top priority is the patients he sees, and you’ll feel genuinely cared for and seen when you set an appointment with Dr. Mark Adamiak. 

  • Location: 3990 Hillsboro Pike Ste 350, Nashville, TN 37215 

Matthew DeFelice 

Also based out of ClearChoice Nashville, this dentist specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Dr. Matthew DeFelice works hand in hand with Dr. Health Balch to ensure each patient is receiving top-notch care.

These two work closely to provide the citizens of Nashville with best-in-class dental implant solutions and other innovative techniques to improve overall health.

Working to help relieve patients dealing with advanced oral disease, he works with oral surgery, innovative prosthetics, and other methods.

Dr. Matthew DeFelice is a great choice when it comes to your dental care. 

  • Location: 181 West End Ave Ste 1100, Nashville, TN 

McKinnon Forbes 

You’ll find this talented dentist within The Center For Advanced Dentistry in Nashville.

Dr. McKinnon Forbes and the staff at this dentistry center are dedicated to providing comprehensive care in one location.

Cosmetics, dental implants, sedation dentistry, and full-mouth makeovers.

Here they believe in a more holistic approach to mouth health, and he likes to focus on total body health and how that relates to dental health when educating patients.

Dr. McKinnon Forbes looks beyond teeth, and if you’ve been discouraged by previous types of dental care, this may be the new approach you’ve been looking for. 

  • Location: 2300 21st Ave S Ste 103, Nashville, TN 

Steven Park 

Find this recognized leader in cosmetic, implant, and sedation dentistry in the city of Nashville.

Dr. Steven Park moved to Nashville with a vision of a new practice of dentistry.

He has training and expertise as a prosthodontist and utilizes the same high-quality care in both cosmetic and implant dentistry.

He will work with each individual patient to create the best route of care, and his expertise and unique training offers a new perspective to care.

Each visit will start with a consultation, and from there, the best route of care will be determined, and Dr. Steven Park will help you get back to a smile you love in no time. 

  • Location: 1646 Westgate Cir Ste 100, Brentwood, TN 37027 

Fesmire Dental Group 

One of the longest-running dental practices in the area, this group has been serving patients for decades.

Fesmire Dental Group has a dedicated approach to each and every patient that includes compassionate care for all dental concerns and needs.

They work diligently to provide only the very best in dental hygiene care in an authentic and personalized approach; they know that not every smile is exactly the same.

They understand that dental care can go beyond just the physical and work with patients to provide more overall health.

Fesmire Dental Group is a great choice for your dental health needs in the city of Nashville. 

  • Location: 6200 Highway 100, Nashville, TN 

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your mouth is an important part of caring for your overall health. Visit one of these acclaimed dentists in the city of Nashville for your best smile yet.