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The 10 Best Neighborhoods in Nashville

Moving to a new city or a new neighborhood can be stressful, especially if you know nothing about the area. But these Nashville neighborhoods are the best in the city for plenty of reasons.

The Best Neighborhoods in Nashville

12 South

A beautiful neighborhood for young families, it creates the perfect homey feel for artists and freelancers with so many options for community gatherings and work areas.

12 South is filled with many local coffee shops and the nearby popular Sevier Park for exploring and spending time with kids.

This area also has plenty of great restaurants and even a few bars for some nightlife outside the Downtown scene.

You’ll find most homes here, very few apartments, so most who live here are secure in careers and are working on building and growing families.

However, plenty of young couples can thrive in this area too. 12 South is a great option to be outside the hustle and bustle of downtown but not too far from your favorite things.

Belle Meade

Around 8.5 miles southwest of downtown Nashville, this neighborhood gives you a break from the city without giving up any of the perks.

Belle Meade is a small town sitting on just 3 square miles of land and containing around 3,000 residents.

A great place to live for families or people of any age, this unique town boasts its own mayor, historical signage, and police force.

You’ll get to enjoy all the feel of a small town; it’s well-known as a “sanctuary of southern hospitality.”

This historic town has magnificent homes and is typically safer than other areas of the city. The perfect getaway without going too far, Belle Meade is one Nashville neighborhood you’ll want to check out.

Belmont Boulevard

Here you’ll find a good mix of families and singles, plus plenty to do for affordable prices.

Belmont Boulevard is a college neighborhood, but the off-campus homes are lovely, and there are lots of historic homes to pick from.

Many architects and designers live along this road, and there’s a wide range from bungalows to more pricey homes, so there are plenty of options for any buyer.

This is a super safe area, so in the evenings, you’ll see young adults walking dogs and people out mingling in patio dining areas.

There are large sidewalks perfect for runners and, walkers, even strollers. Belmont and Belmont Boulevard are great living options for anyone looking to move to the Nashville area.


Another great area for young adult singles and couples is a lively area not too far from The Gulch and Downtown Nashville.

Demonbreun is an upbeat neighborhood that mostly consists of a quarter-mile-long stretch of bars and restaurants, perfect for socializing.

Demonbreun is actually one of the most popular areas for young adult locals to go out.

When the weather is nice, you’ll find this area crawling with people visiting bars and restaurants and spending time out and about.

You won’t find any family homes in this area, however, just condos and apartments.

However, there are also lots of shops, spas, and other entertainment, making Demonbreun a sought-after living spot in Nashville.

East Nashville

When you’re looking for a quirky vibe and plenty of nightlife, this is the neighborhood for you. East Nashville has plenty of well-known areas that draw crowds for diverse reasons.

In this neighborhood area, you’ll find street art, trendy, high-end restaurants, unique and offbeat shops, plus a greenery-filled pathway for exploring nature along the Cumberland river.

This area is also home to the Nissan Stadium, which fills up every weekend with Titan football fans. Plus, they offer so many shops, restaurants, and a relaxed atmosphere everywhere you go.

In East Nashville, there’s a mix of apartments, houses, duplexes, and other housing options, making it perfect for anyone who may be thinking of relocating.


This historic Nashville area is also a popular area for people to live and visit in the city.

Germantown is named for the immigrants who first settled in this area back in the mid-19th century, which is just a few blocks northwest of Downtown Nashville.

This is a foodie’s dream and a culinary destination with so many trendy and acclaimed restaurants lining the streets.

You’ll also find the popular Tennessee State Museum and the beautiful Bicentennial Capitol State Mall in this neighborhood, both a big draw for visitors and locals alike.

The food and drink are incredible in this neighborhood, but there are plenty of apartments and homes to rent as well, meaning you can call Germantown home.

The Gulch

Located just south of Downtown Nashville, this upscale neighborhood is perfect for young adults and young couples.

The Gulch is well known for its high-end boutiques, chic hotels, and trendy restaurants that line its streets.

Mainly consisting of condos and apartments, the feel is industrial and contemporary. Plus, it’s a short walk from the bars on Broadway, plus its proximity to Downtown Nashville, and young adults will thrive here.

Anyone who lives a walkable lifestyle will love this area as restaurants, bars, music venues, and shops are all a short distance away.

There’s even a new bike path and greenery area to promote connecting with nature. The Gulch might just be the perfect place for any trendy young adult or lively young family.

Hillsboro Village

Located near Belmont and Vanderbilt University, this neighborhood is perfect for a day of strolling with restaurants and shops just asking to be explored.

Hillsboro Village is home to many college students, young families, and parents, making it a lively and welcoming area.

Even with the nearby college, this is a very family-friendly area, but there’s still plenty to do, from bars and nightlife to welcoming restaurants and shops.

Everything, including the Belmont Theater, is within walking distance, and there are plenty of homes, apartments, and duplexes to pick from.

Hillsboro Village is a welcoming community that is the perfect place to call home.


Anyone hoping to live in a welcoming nightlife and food-centric environment, this is the neighborhood for you.

Midtown is an exciting area and boasts some of the city’s best bars and restaurants, plus a popular speak-easy style bar.

The Catbird Seat is often attributed to the success of this area as it’s a go-to for locals and is almost always busy.

The best part about this bar scene is it’s all walkable, perfect for bar hopping, and you won’t deal with the typical tourist crowds.

Perfect for a good night out with a more relaxed vibe. Plus, there are tons of apartments and condos in this area, perfect for singles, young adults, or young families.

Midtown is a popular Nashville neighborhood for a good reason.

Sylvan Park

This quaint area will be a breath of fresh air after spending time in the city.

Sylvan Park is southwest of Downtown Nashville and is a largely residential area with a few locally-owned restaurants, bars, and shops that have all been around for ages.

The McCabe Golf Course can be found in this neighborhood, making it a perfect place for any big golfer, but any fan of nature will also enjoy the surrounding Richland Creek Greenway.

There’s so much to do in this area despite its residential vibe, and anything that can’t be found in the immediate neighborhood is just a short drive away.

Indulge in local food and feel with the neighborhood of Sylvan Park.

Final Thoughts

Nashville is a city that thousands of people call home, and these neighborhoods will ensure you’re living in the perfect area for your needs and interests.


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